Your Product in Our Package

Pioneer's USP

PAWNS - The Silent Force
Loyal and motivated, our workforce is the soul and the heart of our organisation. The self-motivated pawns keep the wheels of the company well oiled and moving as we make our own success story.

KNIGHTS - Out of the Box Thinkers
Our product, manufacturing and R & D Team gallops out when duty calls. Whether tracking orders real time, researching past orders, or managing warehouse inventory, we guarantee prompt and accurate service. Fast and efficient, our brave knights are armed with the latest corrugation armoury that keeps us relevant to the changing times.

BISHOP - Fast & Furious
Our sales team traverses the length and breadth of India (Mainly West Bengal and its neighbouring states) to seize every opportunity and ensure that Pioneer boxes are part of every industry. They are trained as packaging consultants so that they can provide the most cost effective solutions to your packaging needs.
At pioneer, our Bishops set examples for the rest to follow.

ROOKS - Born Tough
Loyal and strong, our distribution and manufacturing network is the backbone of our successful empire. like rooks, the company is the reason why we have been progressing day by day to achieve our potential and move towards our next goal.

QUEEN - The Fearless Visionary
The vision of the leadership team plays a pivotal role for any business to flourish, the same holds true for Pioneer as well. No wonder we have travelled a long way from humble beginnings to being one of the most leading corrugated manufacturers in Eastern India.
The thinktank at Pioneer keeps us ahead of the curve.

KING - The Final Word
In the battle of business, the customer is king. Satisfying the customer is our first & foremost commitment. After all, when they win we win. They are the ones that we all serve and it’s their unflinching trust in our brand that has made us what we are today.